BISS BPIS Ch. Perfect Painted GaGa Tasty Cookie

Grand Champion

American Champion

International Champion

Dutch Champion

Best in Group at Dog of the Year 2015 show

Sire: Ch. Grandgables Wee Brush Strokes

Dam: Grandgables Ms Fortune Cookie

Dob: 29-05-2013

Color: Red

Breed: Dachshund Miniature Smooth

Mother of:

BNLJCh. WUTJCh. NLJCh. Perfect Painted Kiss Miss Lil GaGa MS

Am. NL. Ch. BNLJCh. WUTJCh. NLJCh. BJCh. Perfect Painted King Wee Darkwood MS


05-04-2014: Utrecht/ Internationaal/ 2 Uitmuntend/ Jeugdklasse

Syracuse Specialty/ BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW USA/ 4 point Major.

Rio Hondo kennel Club/ Winners Bitch USA/ 1 point.

Golden Gate Dachshunds Club Specialty/ First place in class USA

Golden Gate Dachshund Club Specialty/ Second place in class USA

American Dachshund Club Nationals/ Fourth place in class USA

Santa Cruz kennel Club CA/ Winners Bitch USA/ 1 point.

31-08-2014: Luxemburg/ Internationaal/ 2 Uitmuntend RCACL-RCACIB/ Tussenklasse

01-11-2014: Bleiswijk/ Internationaal/ 1 Uitmuntend/ BOB en BIG3/ Openklasse

02-11-2014: Bleiswijk/ Internationaal/ 1 Uitmuntend RCAC en RCACIB/ Openklasse

14-12-2014: Amsterdam Winner/ 2 Zeer Goed/ Openklasse

22-02-2015: Hoogstraten/ 1 Uitmuntend/ Open klasse

28-03-2015: Luxemburg/ 2 Uitmuntend RCACIB/ Openklasse

18-04-2015: Antwerpen BE/ 2 Uitmuntend/ Openklasse

15-05-2015: Oyster Bay NY/ 2th Bred by Exhibitor class.

16-05-2015: Oyster Bay NY/ 1st Bred by Exhibitor class.

17-05-2015: Oyster Bay NY/ Best of Winners/ 4 point Major/ Best of Breed Bred by Exhibitor/ 3th in Hound Group.

22-05-2015: New Castle PA/ Winners Bitch/ 4 point Major.

23-05-2015: New Castle PA/ 1st Bred by Exhibitor class/ Best of Breed Bred by Exhibitor/ 4th in Hound Group.

24-05-2015: New Castle PA/ Best of Winners/ 4 point Major/ AMERIKAANS KAMPIOEN

25-05-2015: New Castle PA/ Best of Variety/ 5 Grand points/ Best of Breed Owner Handled.

21-06-2015: Vejen DK/ Internationaal/ 1 Uitmuntend/ Openklasse 

26-07-2015: IDS Rotterdam/ 1 Exc. Best of Breed CAC-CACIB/ BIG 3th/ Kamp klasse

30-08-2015: Luxemburg/ Internationaal/ 2 Uitmuntend/ RCACL/ Kamp klasse

03-10-2015: IDS Rostock/ 1 U DTK-VDH CAC CACIB/ Best in Group/ 3th Best in Show

19-12-2015: Brussel BE/ 2 U RCAC-CACIB/ Kamp klasse

20-12-2015: Kerstshow/ 1 U CAC-CACIB Best of Breed/ 3th Best in Group/ Kamp klasse

10-01-2016: Hond van het Jaar 2015 show/ Best in Group

01-05-2016: Dachshund Club of Greater Syracuse/ Best of Variety/ Best Opp to Breed/ 5 Grand points

8-12-2018: Ridgefield WA/ Select Bitch/ 5 Grand points/ John Wade

9-12-2018: Ridgefield WA/ BOS 5 Grand points/ Timothy Robbins

23-03-2019: Bremerton WA/ Select Bitch/ 2 Grand points/ Leslie Hiltz

24-03-2019: Bremerton WA/ Select Bitch/ 2 Grand points/ Ronald Spritzer

13-04-2019: Moses Lake WA/ Best of Variety/ 4 Grand points/ Steve Keating

7-12-2019: Ridgefield WA/ Best of Variety/ 5 grand points/ Linda Scanlon

8-12-2019: Ridgefield WA/ Select Bitch/ 5 grand poinst/ Jason Hoke