BISS BPIS Ch. Perfect Painted GaGa Tasty Cookie

Sky is spayed, retired and does whatever she does best. 

Grand Champion

American Champion

International Champion

Dutch Champion

Best in Group at Dog of the Year 2015 show

Sire: Ch. Grandgables Wee Brush Strokes

Dam: Grandgables Ms Fortune Cookie

Dob: 29-05-2013

Color: Red

Breed: Dachshund Miniature Smooth

Mother of:

BNLJCh. WUTJCh. NLJCh. Perfect Painted Kiss Miss Lil GaGa MS

Am. NL. Ch. BNLJCh. WUTJCh. NLJCh. BJCh. Perfect Painted King Wee Darkwood MS


05-04-2014: Utrecht/ Internationaal/ 2 Uitmuntend/ Jeugdklasse

Syracuse Specialty/ BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW USA/ 4 point Major.

Rio Hondo kennel Club/ Winners Bitch USA/ 1 point.

Golden Gate Dachshunds Club Specialty/ First place in class USA

Golden Gate Dachshund Club Specialty/ Second place in class USA

American Dachshund Club Nationals/ Fourth place in class USA

Santa Cruz kennel Club CA/ Winners Bitch USA/ 1 point.

31-08-2014: Luxemburg/ Internationaal/ 2 Uitmuntend RCACL-RCACIB/ Tussenklasse

01-11-2014: Bleiswijk/ Internationaal/ 1 Uitmuntend/ BOB en BIG3/ Openklasse

02-11-2014: Bleiswijk/ Internationaal/ 1 Uitmuntend RCAC en RCACIB/ Openklasse

14-12-2014: Amsterdam Winner/ 2 Zeer Goed/ Openklasse

22-02-2015: Hoogstraten/ 1 Uitmuntend/ Open klasse

28-03-2015: Luxemburg/ 2 Uitmuntend RCACIB/ Openklasse

18-04-2015: Antwerpen BE/ 2 Uitmuntend/ Openklasse

15-05-2015: Oyster Bay NY/ 2th Bred by Exhibitor class.

16-05-2015: Oyster Bay NY/ 1st Bred by Exhibitor class.

17-05-2015: Oyster Bay NY/ Best of Winners/ 4 point Major/ Best of Breed Bred by Exhibitor/ 3th in Hound Group.

22-05-2015: New Castle PA/ Winners Bitch/ 4 point Major.

23-05-2015: New Castle PA/ 1st Bred by Exhibitor class/ Best of Breed Bred by Exhibitor/ 4th in Hound Group.

24-05-2015: New Castle PA/ Best of Winners/ 4 point Major/ AMERIKAANS KAMPIOEN

25-05-2015: New Castle PA/ Best of Variety/ 5 Grand points/ Best of Breed Owner Handled.

21-06-2015: Vejen DK/ Internationaal/ 1 Uitmuntend/ Openklasse 

26-07-2015: IDS Rotterdam/ 1 Exc. Best of Breed CAC-CACIB/ BIG 3th/ Kamp klasse

30-08-2015: Luxemburg/ Internationaal/ 2 Uitmuntend/ RCACL/ Kamp klasse

03-10-2015: IDS Rostock/ 1 U DTK-VDH CAC CACIB/ Best in Group/ 3th Best in Show

19-12-2015: Brussel BE/ 2 U RCAC-CACIB/ Kamp klasse

20-12-2015: Kerstshow/ 1 U CAC-CACIB Best of Breed/ 3th Best in Group/ Kamp klasse

10-01-2016: Hond van het Jaar 2015 show/ Best in Group

01-05-2016: Dachshund Club of Greater Syracuse/ Best of Variety/ Best Opp to Breed/ 5 Grand points

8-12-2018: Ridgefield WA/ Select Bitch/ 5 Grand points/ John Wade

9-12-2018: Ridgefield WA/ BOS 5 Grand points/ Timothy Robbins

23-03-2019: Bremerton WA/ Select Bitch/ 2 Grand points/ Leslie Hiltz

24-03-2019: Bremerton WA/ Select Bitch/ 2 Grand points/ Ronald Spritzer

13-04-2019: Moses Lake WA/ Best of Variety/ 4 Grand points/ Steve Keating

7-12-2019: Ridgefield WA/ Best of Variety/ 5 grand points/ Linda Scanlon

8-12-2019: Ridgefield WA/ Select Bitch/ 5 grand poinst/ Jason Hoke